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How To Hire Copywriters

It’s not because Google change the algorithms and today the parameter it EAT (Expertise, Authority, Trust) works well. And Google can recognize the context of any text because of users, they want to get texts from authors, from experts, who know, the topic.

That’s why today. Copywriting I mean, like, generic copywriting doesn’t work and you should spend time to find copywriters who will provide a really quality text.

The first thing, what you can do to use Freelancers websites, like, and many others, You can find them on Google, just search freelance websites and search for Freelancers.

Who write only about your topic, if you submit the request that you are looking for copywriters and many copywriters provide that they write about everything, don’t cooperate with them because they don’t know everything. Jack of all trades, master of none. What you can do is search for copywriters, who write only about one topic or similar topics as well. Just analyze their portfolio.

Check out their Publications on many websites. If they can’t provide something like this. It’s better to avoid it and leave them to your competitors.

What you can do?

Then we analyzed their content by using tools Ahrefs, Semrush, or any other tools. We analyze for comments shares, SEO traffic, and we filter out bloggers who have high engagement and reach out to them. We got only a good price and suitable conditions from 5% of all bloggers. That we spent time reaching out of them because 50% of them replied with some crazy prices, 45% didn’t have time but 5%, we got suitable prices, by the way.

I don’t want to tell you that you need to search for a cheap price or low prices. Skip.

It is better to cooperate with experts who know?

You thought that, okay, when you got the list of these copywriters, give them the test and analyze what you can get. They understand your topic do like their Styles and something like this. And when you have a few copywriters, cooperate with them, you can use many different approaches.

For example, I usually search on LinkedIn as well. I post on LinkedIn that I’m looking for copywriters about some specific niches and it works. Well, you can submit a request on LinkedIn that you you’re looking for temperatures.

You can ask them by the way, by to buy ice cream and or anything else. L and ask their advice about eggs, they understand or not.
And the main goal of editors to analyze existing text to simplify as much as even as possible and provide this text for forever. side, it takes time to find the right code writers and editors, but I often see when projects try to hire some experts who charge low price but you know, this experts might not know exactly about your Niche and today new willable insights provide a much better results for Apple then copywriters, just see right existing content in the top 10 results.

It’s hard to run this content because Google considers user experience. And if users have seen this content before and they are not interested to consume the whole content. It’s the same with watching a movie twice or an Indian one book twice, by the way, you can do it, but for a few years, yes, if you remember that.

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